( UNDP/UNIDO assisted punjab govt. project )

Customer Feedback

General Form

1. Do you like our work (Testing, Calibration, Inspection, Heat Treatment, and Machining) ?

2. If not then why you don’t like

3. Do you feel any misbehave here?

4. If yes then in which department

5. Do you like our services?

6. Is it affordable to test your samples here/our other services?

7. If not then what price you think is reasonable

8. What price you pay for same testing when to test your sample from any other testing Centre or lab.

9. Can you tell us the name of third party, testing Centre or lab where you submit your samples?

10. Did you face any problem while visiting?

11. What kind of problem you face here?

12. Is it very time consuming to visit here?

13. Which section consume your time.

14. How much you wait her and why you waiting for?

Waiting for:

15. What kind of you future requirements here?

16. Do you like to visit here again?

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